Special THANKS goes out to pAxton for being a coding genius and having the knowledge to get the job done! Without him, the Virtual Arsenal scripting would have never been completed. Check him out on his YouTube channel to gain more knowledge of Arma scripting and coding at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwiq0V-6VG6SPsHnf0Ou4sw or do a search on YouTube for "DevTeam Paxton". He also does a live feed and can answer any/all questions that you might have!!!

The Virtual Arsenal for The Trailerpark Arma 3 Wasteland servers is COMPLETE and RUNNING on both A3Wasteland Stratis and Tanoa!!!

​The new Trailerpark Virtual Arsenal:

-- subtracts the loadout cost from your ATM account
-- only items that are available in the stores are available in the VAS

The Trailerpark Virtual Arsenal works in the following way:

You can buy access to The Trailerpark Virtual Arsenal from any Gun Store

in A3W Stratis or Tanoa for $500,000 IN-GAME cash and it is good for a period of 7 days!!!

After purchasing, you must logout of game and go back to the in-game lobby to

activate the arsenal. After your first death/respawn, the arsenal will open before the spawn screen.


On death/respawn, the Virtual Arsenal loads BEFORE the spawn screen

You are allowed to make/save/load your own kit

ALL weapons/items/magazines in the Virtual Arsenal are read off of the server storeConfig.cfg
You are NOT ALLOWED ANYTHING special that any other regular player does not have access to in the regular Gun Stores or General Stores.
PRICES for weapons/items/magazines ARE THE SAME FOR EVERYONE playing in the server

When you are finished in the Virtual Arsenal, click on the "CLOSE" button in the lower left screen of the Virtual Arsenal, a GUI message will pop up and you will have two options:

BUY: checks the total price your kit, and compares it to your ATM account

If the kit is LESS THAN the amount that you have in your ATM account: 

The price of the kit is subtracted from your ATM account
Then you are allowed to spawn in as normal
Nothing else is required for you to do other than keep your bank account full!

If the kit is MORE THAN the amount that you have in your ATM account:

You will receive a GUI message explaining you don't have enough money

in your ATM account and the Virtual Arsenal re-opens so you can adjust your kit.

​​ESC and CANCEL buttons both take you back to the Virtual Arsenal

so you can make adjustments.

​​A3Wasteland RULES

Basic rules of ANY Trailerpark server:

• ALWAYS respect other players and the server admins! 
• Admin/Mod decisions are final, respect that! 
• If you have proof of someone glitching/hacking/being abusive, report it to an admin or thetrailerpark15@gmail.com, or you could be held just as guilty!

A3Wasteland server specific rules: 

• No intentional teamkilling if you are on Blufor or Opfor!

• No team-switching to gain an advantage on other players!

• Admins/Mods may unlock you depending on the situation!

• Admins/Mods may refund money depending on the situation!

A3Wasteland server optional admin rules: 
The following rules are admin optional for the period between server restarts! --- possible temp ban if rule not followed!
     • Optional Rule - Mortars can be called unusable by an admin if there is excessive usage by a player(s) or group!
     • Optional Rule - An admin can call the 3 jet rule if there is excessive use of jets by one team/side!

                                It allows for only 3 jets per team to be in the air at one time!

BANNABLE OFFENSES on this server:


• Exploiting map bugs/glitches (temp or PERM)

• Intentional Teamkilling (temp or PERM)

• Trolling our servers (temp)

• Disrupting the server / Being an Asshat (temp)

**Please note**

The Trailerparks version of The Virtual Arsenal is unique to ONLY our servers.  For anyone wondering, The Trailerpark Virtual Arsenal is a server side mod, so there are no files in the actual mission file that you download that will allow you to steal the coding!!!