Anyone who donates DOES NOT get anything related to Bohemia Interactive or their products.

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If you would still like to donate to The Trailerpark because you love our servers, want to help keep them running, or you enjoy playing here and think we are doing a good job:

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If you send The Trailerpark a donation, please include your in-game name, Steam Player UID (765611xxxxxxxxxxx), and/or any other info that might be important so we can keep track of your donation!

When you donate to The Trailerpark servers, you are donating DIRECTLY to keep the dedicated server machine at Nuclear Fallout, Teamspeak3, and website alive and running in Dallas, Texas!

NO ONE (Owners, Developers, Admins, moderators or anyone else) at The Trailerpark servers makes any profit from donations. All work that is done is for free, on a volunteer basis, and for the love of ArmA 3!

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